Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Unicorn and a Googly Eyed Moose (Thanks for the memories Nederland!)

While it was definitely time for Sage and I to move from Nederland, there are some quirks about Nederland that I will really miss. One quirk that always made me smile was its street signs. Then of course was The Carousal of Happiness where you could ride a variety of animals like a gorilla or giraffe. I'll even miss just running past the restaurant in the train. Most of all, I'll miss the mountain views. Though I'll miss these things, I much rather be where I am now. :)

(My personal favorite)

(This is almost my favorite.. it's hard to choose between a moose and a unicorn
but the moose has googly eyes!) 
Buffalo Bills

The Carousal of Happiness

View one night from the cabin.

On the drive to Boulder is this cool rock!

Hope some of the signs got you to smile! Thanks for reading.

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  1. Love the signs! There are loads of signs in Corner Canyon, in Utah where I run all the time. I love them!


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