Thursday, August 8, 2013

New art and what it's teaching me...

        I've been very lucky and honored to produce some artwork for some wonderful people this summer. Admittedly, I'm always worried that my artwork won't be good enough for the people I'm making it for. As an artist, especially since I started selling my art, sometimes I feel like I just cant get it right. Sometimes, this can feeling can help make a piece better,  but other times that negative feeling does nothing good. These are the times I have to recognize that I always do my best and then I try to focus on what I think I did a good job on. Then I can again start working to hopefully bring a smile the people who receive the art.

For the St. Jude Sweet Corn Races

Michelle Yates- what a rock-star!

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  1. SO COOL!! Thanks for including your artwork for our race on here. I can't share it until after this Saturday, though, I hope you understand, ;) but after that, i WILL share your page & info on our facebook race page. :) Thanks for sharing your talent with us, Sandi!!


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