Friday, May 10, 2013

The Summer Home (pictures!)

Nederland, Colorado

Elevation: 8,234 ft  
Elevation of the cabin: About 8,500

Nederland, CO may prove to be the most unique place I will ever live and that's just not because Sage and I live in cabin that consists of a trailer with a built on sun room. It's a small town (less than 2,000 people), nestled in the edge of the big mountains along the continental divide, but it's not like any small mountain town I've ever explored. For one thing there's the weather. One of the motto's here is "The Other Windy City", however it has not been windy this week, just rainy and snowy leading to slush everywhere. Then today I'm back to running in shorts and a tank! Then there are some other unusual things the town is extremely proud of like it's Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival in which the town celebrates their frozen Grandpa. Even though the festival was in March, there is still evidence of it all over town.Another little thing I find amusing is that people here like to put Ned or Neder in front of everything. For example there is Nednet, Nedernet, a Nedcrossing sign, Nedfest, etc.. It's a little ridiculous, but so is ultra running, so I guess I fit in!  Perhaps the most unique part of Nederland, however, is the wide range of people. I thought Boulder was unique in this way, but Nederland has it beat. There are some beautiful mansions of millionaires out here but then I have never seen so many people with dread locks in my life (nothing against either... rock on dread locks... I just couldn't pull them off!) There are plenty of other unique things up here, but you'll have to come and visit to see what I mean. :)

The Summer Home

Sun room (where most of my time indoors is spent)

(Sage- I hope you don't mind I did a little more painting...)

View from the sun room

Nederland- you can see the town at the edge of the lake


  1. Glad to see things are looking up for you, both running and life in general! Had followed Sage for a while so it was cool to see you together.

    My wife and I will have to let you know when we're down in your area and join you guys on the trails!

  2. Thanks Lucas! I really appreciate that. :)


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