I'm first a foremost a person learning to love more deeply in every way possible. I'm part of nature and I feel this most when running in the mountains. I'm a lover of books and a seeker of knowledge. I'm a follower of curiosity. I'm an adventurer. I'm proud to be a feminist. I'm a person trying to understand before I'm understood. I'm vegan (plant-based) and strong. I'm imperfect but enough. I'm trying to be someone who makes a difference. I'll always be a dreamer, making wild and crazy dreams come to life. I am anything I want to be at the present moment, or as said by  Lao Tzu “when I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.”

I'm also the co-founder of  Sage Running, a company that aims to empower runners at all levels.

Check here for more about running and coaching: http://www.sagerunning.com/