Monday, July 15, 2013

Trying to Catch Up with Happiness (Oregon and Utah)

Trying to catch up with happiness is one hell of a run, but when I get to travel and explore with Sage, I seem to be running along with it for a bit.

Oregon Coast:

Sage and I did some hill repeats on the sand dunes.
Though it looks warm, the beach in Oregon is cold! I put on a sweatshirt after this and I was still cold.

Benjamin Franklin 

Salt Lake City & Snowbird Utah

Sage's Cafe- all vegan!
If you ever go to Sage's Cafe you should know that the sign is impossible to see as it is covered in grape vines.

Sunset over Salt Lake City

Previous home of the winter olympics

Snowbird, Utah
I'll be back here in less than 2 weeks for Speedgoat 50k!

The next day after this picture was taken Sage and I had a toilet in our kitchen and our cabin smelled like shit... literally. It's already funny to us but it wasn't when we walked in at 10pm and wanted to go to bed soon. The problem is fixed (although it seems like a new problem arises daily), but it is time for Sage and I to move on from our little trailer/cabin. A new adventure awaits us!

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