Thursday, July 11, 2013

Growing up in the Oregon Forest

When playing outdoors, children 
grow emotionally and academically by developing an appreciation for the 
environment, participating in imaginative play, developing initiative, and 
acquiring an understanding of basic academic concepts such as investigating 
the property of objects and of how to use simple tools to accomplish a task 
(Kosanke & Warner, 1990; Guddemi & Eriksen, 1992; Singer & Singer, 2000).

Proof of this: Sage Canaday (along with his brother and sister) and the Canaday Family's Yard

(Though not pictured, Sage grew up in an absolutely beautiful house built by his dad and mom. Sage and his brother even helped build additional rooms)

One of the disc golf holes Sage built with his dad and brother.

Part of the trail Sage and his dad built in their yard.

Yes, this is all part of the Canaday property (I know, it's pretty sweet).

The turn around for the Canaday trail.

Sage's one man circus. He can even juggle flaming torches (if he practiced again).

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