Saturday, July 13, 2013

Benefits of B12/ B-Complex

Vitamin B12/ B-Complex

In my newest attempt to get my iron levels higher I have received a couple of b12/ b-complex injections.

It’s completely legal. I swear!

The reasoning? My b12 was (is?) low and it hurts my chances of getting my iron back up. Thus, if I get my b12 back up, my iron should hopefully go up.

Some symptoms of having low levels of b12/ b-complex:
·         Fatigue
-In my case, and a good sign of a vitamin deficiency, I had what is sometimes called a “foggy brain.” I felt like I couldn’t think clearly to get things done.
·         Anxiety
·         Asthma
·         Depression
·         Chronic Pain

Conditions that can be exacerbated by a deficiency of b12/ b-complex (I find this kind of interesting):
·         Alzheimer’s disease
·         Crohn’s disease
·         Cancer
·         Heart disease
·         Osteoporosis

Benefits of increasing b12/ b-complex:
·         Healthier immune system
·         Improved sleep
·         More energy and stamina
·         Improved mood
·         Clearer thinking
·         Reduced stress (physically and mentally!)
·         Can reduce allergy symptoms
·         Decrease inflammation and pain
·         Promotes healing

If you are now thinking about increasing your b12/ b-complex levels, here are some things you need to know:
                >I’m getting b12/ b-complex injections right now because I have trouble absorbing vitamins and I’ve been training hard for some difficult mountain ultras which is putting a lot of stress on my body. If you think you might be like me, it’s pretty easy to do an internet search to find a qualified nurse to give you the injection without a doctor’s prescription. But PLEASE, do your research!

                >You can’t overdose on b12. That’s why you don’t need a doctor’s prescription to get injections.

                >Most people (so I suggest trying this first) can get benefits from taking b12 vitamins. (You can take other b vitamins but b12 is the most important by far) But, DO NOT GET CAPSULES! You will ruin your chances of absorbing the vitamin. You have to get a natural, chewable b12 vitamin. Don’t chew! Place the b12 vitamin under your tongue and let it dissolve there. You will increase your chances of absorption.

                >Quick fact on why humans now need to take vitamins and supplements:
Besides the obvious reason that processed food is awful for you and very negatively effects vitamin absorption, the way human bodies deal with stress now is very different than in early humans. For instance, an early human saw an animal that wanted to kill them and they ran. A human today receives an expensive bill and they most likely freak out without running a step. For you science people, I’m talking about the “fight or flight” response to stress. When faced with a problem, the “fight or flight” response releases cortisol in the body. In this first instance, the person got rid of their cortisol because they ran. In the second instance the cortisol stayed in body, resulting in a constant stressed state. This negatively affects the mind and body (feel free to do some research to learn more).
                To get back to b12/ b-complex, taking extra b12/ b-complex can significantly help the negative side effects of too much cortisol in the body. That’s why it can even help improve mental disorders like depression, which is made much worse by cortisol.

         Lastly, I’ve never been to medical school so please do your own research as doctors might have different opinions.

Special thanks to Valerie from Boulder Shots for helping me learn most of this!

Run Wild, Run Healthy,


  1. are you taking methylcobalamin B12? - ideally you want to be. failing that, hydroxocobalamin

  2. That was very informative...thank you! Especially the part about low Vitamin B-12 levels and Alzheimer's. My grandma had the disease. I recently started taking a multivitamin, and plan to add more specific vitamins, like B-vitamins and Mg.


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