Sunday, July 21, 2013

Going My Own Pace: Ten Mile Traverse

Ten Mile Traverse Adventure (Frisco to Breckenridge):
-20 miles
-10 peaks ranging from 12,600 to 13,600
-Difficulty: Class 3 scramble
-8,200 ft.
(Photo by: Jon Harrison)
6am Wednesday morning (July  17) Sage and our friend Jon Harrison started the Ten Mile Traverse from Frisco to Breckenridge, CO.  We started a steep climb up to the first peak and I immediately knew it was going to be hard day physically as my legs were already tired from lots of climbing and miles. It probably would have been a good time to turn around but I wanted the adventure. I knew I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Sage and Jon though, and I didn’t want to torture myself trying to. Thus, I put my pride away and let them get ahead while periodically waiting for me so we could still somewhat stick together.

                This worked for a while and I didn’t slow them down too much but then much of the way between peaks 2-4 required some class three scrambles. Then I knew I was really slowing them down. While it seems like it’s becoming a Colorado trend for ultra runners to get good at climbing, I am just not fitting in to that right now as I have a HUGE fear of falling off of a mountain. I’m actually okay with heights when I’m in a plane or have a window protecting me from falling, but when it’s just me and my clumsy feet on some sketchy rocks, I am absolutely terrified. I knew going into it there would be a little class 3 scrambling but I had no idea it would last for so long. Plus, it was my first time doing anything class 3 and so I had no idea what it would be like.  

                As soon as we got to the first class 3 scrambling after peak two I got really nervous and then upset as I saw how long the rocks lasted for. Jon excels on the technical parts of the mountains and Sage, for previously being a road runner, definitely holds his own. I watched in amazement as they seemed to effortlessly navigate the rocks that could lead to their death if they took one wrong step. I didn’t even want to take a step forward, let alone try to somewhat keep up.
(Sage Canaday)
                After a few moments of almost shedding a few tears I realized I had a decision to make. I could turn around, I could unhappily attempt to trudge on and be mad at myself for being scared and really slowing they guys down, or I could just do my best and be proud of myself for at least moving forward, even if I was terrified and moving like a snail. While the first two choices would have initially been easiest, I decided to go with my third option. I really did move at a snail’s pace and I was scared the whole time, but I did it, and even if it was ugly, I’m proud of myself for moving forward at my own pace. It of course really helped that I had two great guys by my side.  Jon helped show me where to step when I had no idea where to and then Sage, being the wonderful loving boyfriend that he is, slowed down to stick by my side and help me whenever I really needed him to. I was with the right people and they were still happy to be with me even when I really slowed them down. J

(Jon Harrison)
"How much longer will this last?"
(Jon Harrison)
Happy to be breathing hard up less technical climbs!
(Jon Harrison)

(Jon Harrison)

(Jon Harrison)

(Jon Harrison)

Peak 10, right before the hail/rain started
(Sage Canaday)
Animal sightings from the week:
-1 moose
-baby ptarmigans!
-"Little Prince", Sage and mine's "pet" fox

Run Wild, Run Happy,



  1. It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets sketched out by some of these Colorado mountain routes!

    I hear you're going to be doing T-Rad (I am as well). Wow, they've lined up a solid field on the women's side. I'm honored to be running with such great runners in such a small (and tough) race. I only hope my health insurance covers chopper evacuations as I'm not sure how I'm going to finish...

    Is Sage going to be there? Even if the 38-miler doesn't fit his schedule, the hill-climb could be a fun workout.

    Good luck!

    1. Hey David,
      Yep, I'm really excited to be going to T-Rad. The course is going to be amazing. I'm sure you'll finish just fine. Just focus on the scenery. Sage really thought about doing it but he will actually be in Switzerland for a really big mountain race that week.

      See you at T-Rad!


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