Sunday, May 26, 2013

Extra Air: The Beauty of Washington in Pictures and Video

I'm extremely lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend. Sage got back from Transvulcania and then had to go to Washington for business. Not wanting to leave me again, he decided to take me with him....

While my home is Colorado, I couldn't help but fall in love with the trees, flowers, and plants in Washington. Even though the state does lack sun, the plant life and rich air make up for it. It was certainly a nice break for my lungs that are used to the thin air at 8,000 feet. My legs and lungs rejoiced at being able to fly up and down the trails without much effort. One day, I must go back.

My love for the color green...

I always love a good quote.

Walking around Olympia...

Gluten Free Ginger Cookie! My fuel for walking all over Olympia.

What a great message!

(Rach I took this pic for you)

Washington's Capitol 

A city by the sea... Seattle

These guys were extremely talented. Pretty cool to hear them for free on a street corner.

 Our (apparently tired) fox welcoming Sage and I home...

Don't forget to check out the running form video Sage and I did:

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  1. you and Sage are amazing! A huge inspiration. I love the reports, training tips, races, pains, struggles and how you share your experiences. Keep going & hope to meet you one day in person.
    All the best, Thomas from Germany

    1. Thanks so much! We both really love to share our adventures so it's nice knowing other people enjoy it too!


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