Wednesday, October 2, 2013

I'll be honest. You Rock. Seriously.

Hey Everyone,

I just want to start off by saying thank you. The most sincere thanks ever. Seriously.

When I posted Steroids, Hormones, Cortisol, Fat, Cancer, Acne and Other Crap I was definitely fired up. I had been doing so much research about food and I had been outraged on some of the things I had learned. Honestly, I probably could have better reinforced I wasn't trying to turn anyone into a vegetarian, I was just wanting everyone to really consider exactly what they were eating. I didn't even cite my sources well. Also, Heather had some great advice in the comment section for everyone who eats meat that I really should have included. Please check that comment out as taking the advice would lead to improvements for the health of people, animals, and then environment.

Back to the point- Everyone was awesome about it! I woke up the next morning thinking that I could really have some negative comments but that never happened. I'm so incredibly grateful to have such a great community around this blog. Everyone either welcomed the info or was like "hey, this post isn't for me, but I'm happy this helps Sandi and other people." How awesome is that?! I love, love, love when people can dislike something but be nice enough to not ruin someone else's happiness, as long as he/she isn't doing any harm. If everyone in the U.S. government were like everyone who reads this blog, it wouldn't be shutdown right now! 

So thanks- you all rock.

With that said, please read my sister's wonderful post about a special family member we have:

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