Monday, September 30, 2013

Steroids, Hormones, Cortisol, Fat, Cancer, Acne and Other Crap

                The facts below aren’t meant to scare you to into becoming a vegan, they’re just mean to get you to reduce your intake of meat and dairy. I really wish I would have been taught some of the things I’m about to tell you in school, but I wasn’t because companies are spending millions to get us to think eating animals is healthy in order to have the company keep making millions. I’m sure many of you reading this are like me, and grew up with meat being the center of most meals. After reading this, I hope you consider introducing Meatless Mondays into your home or better yet, try only eating meat and dairy a few days out of the week. I promise you, there are tons of delicious, filling meals you can have without meat or dairy.

What’s in your meat and dairy?

Steroids and hormones:

                The steroids make animals grow bigger faster, way faster than the animal should be growing. Hormones are injected into female cows to keep them relentlessly pregnant and lactating. (I can’t imagine how awful that would be!)Then the cows are injected with a growth hormone to double the milk they make. Since these female cows are constantly pregnant, they have way more estrogen then they should.  This extra estrogen is coming out in their milk. Then, to add to all the glorious things in meat and dairy, animals fill up with cortisol right before they die. Why? Because they sure as hell know what’s going on as they enter the kill chutes. They have beating hearts and emotions just like humans. That means they are going to experience complete terror, just as humans would in the same situation, just before they die. The release of cortisol floods their tissues and ends up in the meat people eat.

What’s this mean for your body?

                It would be complete ignorance to think that the steroids, hormones, and cortisol from animals isn’t going into the people that eat them. Let’s think about this. Do you really want the hormones that make animals bigger in you? The hormones aren’t going to make you taller, they’re going to make you wider. Then, if you’re like me and already trying to reduce the cortisol you produce, then you shouldn’t be eating animal meat that’s filled with it. Cortisol is an excellent way to pack on the pounds around your stomach.  There has also been a lot of research on the effects of this in kids. If you haven’t noticed, many kids are going through puberty sooner. Bring on the acne! Dairy is a huge cause of acne.  Also, that estrogen in milk is causing a delay in emotional development in boys. Sorry girls!

(FYI: Almond milk is awesome! I love the 30 calorie vanilla almond milk.)

If you don’t want to give up all meat, at least give up ALL processed meat!

                Bologna, hot dogs, salami, and whatever else is made from disgusting random animal parts like asses, is also filled with just as gross chemicals. The American Cancer Institute says that no amount of processed meat is healthy. This is because processed meat is known to cause cancer. Seriously, this stuff is as dangerous and can kill you. Don’t eat it. I’m not saying that because I’m vegan, I’m saying that because I care about your health!

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(I have to say this) I gave up meat because I love animals. Pigs are as smart and as emotional as dogs. Cows too have plenty of emotions. This is an awful thought, but now when I see people eat meat I can’t help but compare it to a person eating a dog. It’s basically the same thing and it’s really sad. It’s not just the fact animals are being killed for food, but many are being tortured even before they are killed.

"Pigs are no less intelligent, emotional, or social creatures than dogs. Calves are sensitive and playful. Chickens love to gossip with their friends. And all mothers love their babies." -Kris Carr

Run Wild, Run Healthy,



  1. A good alternative for people who are trying to switch to veggie diets but aren't full ready to make the switch is to buy dairy, eggs, and meat that are locally sourced from small farms. In our area there are several, small local farms that are organic, hormone free, and have free range animals. We get most of our dairy and eggs this way. We have completely cut out red meat and pork, but we are still eating some chicken every once in a while. We are getting the chickens from the local farm as well since the farmer allows them to free range and they are hormone free. Everything is a bit more expensive, but that also makes you much more aware of how much of it you are eating and provides an incentive to continue cutting back.

    This is actually also a great way to get vegetables as well. We are part of a farm share so we get almost all of our vegetables from a local farmer. Your selection is limited some weeks to what is coming in, but you learn to eat seasonally and are assured of completely pesticide free fruits and veggies.

    1. That's great advice Heather! I think everyone who eats meat and dairy should at least do that. It's so much better for human health and the health of the planet. I also find it's really important that at least animals have an enjoyable life while there here! Again, that's really the perfect advice for someone who doesn't want to give up meat or dairy. :)

  2. Agreed! The less animal products the better. No animal products = the best! :)

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