Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A runner's rambling...

Happy almost All Hallows Eve!

I'm very grateful to have my dad in town so this might be my only post this week. I'll make it short and sweet. :)

I was lucky enough to do a drawing of my friend and his wife at the finish line of UROC 100k. He had the great idea of adding additional characters to tell the story of the race, which involved quite a bit of snow and wind. It was creative, imaginative, and at first a tad challenging to put his ideas into the drawing, but I really enjoyed it and was pleased with the result.

Here's a view from my first trip up Flagstaff mountain in Boulder, CO.  The trail just re-opened last week and with my favorite trails up Green and Bear (my favorite trails up Bear just opened up today!!!!) closed, I decided to head up the trail last Saturday which I had previously avoided due to the road crossings. Since the road was closed to the public, going up Flagstaff was really nice and I enjoyed the trail and the views. The one thing that really bothered me was that there wasn't actually a trail to the very top! Trails just went around the top. How silly! In the picture I'm wearing shorts from INKnBURN, my new awesome sponsor. I am extremely grateful that they asked me to join the team and thought I would be a good ambassador, partly due to this blog. Just to let you know, INKnBURN has a long sleeve tech tee that looks like a Christmas sweater... it is simply awesome.

My sister Rachel wrote a great blog about the lifestyle choices we have both been making to not only give ourselves a better life, but also choices that are good for the planet. Check it out here:

It's that time of year to start thinking about Christmas presents! If you want to give something meaningful maybe think about a charcoal drawing or painting from I Believe Art: https://www.facebook.com/BelieveArt
Special discount for people who read my blog.

Run Wild, Run Happy,


? What is the most common crime corn commits? 

Answer: (backwards so you don't cheat) gniklats

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