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Can the mind really heal itself?

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Can the mind really heal itself?
Can the mind heal the body?
The answer is simple. It’s yes. The actual believing that it’s possible is the hard part.
Thankfully, some fully-believing humans and research has showed us what the mind is possible of. Dr. Lisa Rankin, after feeling guilty about doctors just making problems manageable instead healing problems, dedicated the past few years to studying the power of the mind and its ability to heal itself and the body.* In one of her lectures she explains that the mind/ body has everything it needs to fight cancer and other diseases. However, whenever we become stressed, we turn off the healing parts of our brain. Thus, to truly heal diseases we have to get to the root of our real problems, and those problems won’t be solved with drugs.

(To clarify, of course there are plenty of illnesses that a person has no control over and needs modern medicine cure. However, the modern world is faced with many problems that are curable with a healthier mind and diet, not prescription drugs that just make problems manageable.)
One of the most interesting researched drugs isn’t actually a drug, people just think it is.  It’s a placebo pill and you know what, it often works just as well the drug people think they’re taking. The research is set up in a way that patients believe they are taking a real drug and the doctor tells them the positive effects they will start feeling. Amazingly, “brain scans have shown that the brain is activated in the area that creates and releases the needed chemicals to produce healing – so it is not only in  someone’s mind or imagination – there is also a physiological change” (Higher Mind Health). In other words, the patients felt better because they believed they would, and their brain was then able to produce exactly what they needed to feel better.
The Institute of Noetic Sciences made a very interesting database called Spontaneous Remission. Caryle Hirshberg and Brendan O’Regan defined spontaneous remission as “the disappearance, complete or incomplete, of a disease or cancer without medical treatment or treatment that is considered inadequate to produce the resulting disappearance of disease symptoms or tumor.” Even patients who were told they were going to die were able to have a complete recovery. A super star example of this is the author Kris Carr, star of the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer.  In 2003 Kris was diagnosed with an incurable and rare form of cancer. Well it’s been 10 years and after a commitment to integrative healing, she is feeling more alive and happy than ever. She also looks like she’s in her 20’s when she’s in her early 40s. The woman has got to be doing something right!

Back to the main topic of this website: Depression
The above paragraphs seem great, but how can the mind heal itself when it’s what is causing depression?
It’s true, the negative thoughts flooding the mind caused my depression isn’t helping. But that’s the root of the problem. People with depression believe in those negative thoughts. The negative thoughts are always false to begin with, but only in believing in them are they made real and can then negatively change the brain. Thus, the first step to believing the mind can heal itself is to realize the negative thoughts are false. Even just saying “that thought is untrue”, whether you think it is or not, will start helping the mind. Then, stating of the opposite that thought, turning it positive, will further help the mind to start the healing process. Example: “I’m not pretty. That thought is false, I am beautiful inside and out.” It doesn’t matter if the positive thought is actually believed just yet, it’s just important to believe that it will start helping the mind. To take things a bit further, the act of picturing oneself happy and fulfilled may be one of the best ways to activate the healing parts of the brain.

This website is full of ways to help your mind heal itself. This part was just to get you believing that it is possible.


*Dr. Rankin also went on to say the great things about modern medicine and that of course we need it, but we have started relying too heavily on it for diseases that are naturally curable.
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