Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Strong Abs with the Stability Ball

I got a lot of great feedback from my first ab video (How to: Plank Variation Exercises for Athletes and Beginners) so I thought I'd do another one, this time with a stability ball. It's my favorite ab workout because it's hard not to have fun using a giant ball and some of the moves are still pretty challenging. Enjoy!

My sister had the great idea of listing the names of each exercise so people could write them down and not always need a computer in front of them when working out. Before you read the list keep in mind I know all the moves have names but I completely forgot what they are. Therefor I just created names that also gave a description of the move.

Warm up: Standing diagonals
1) Standard sit up
2) Sit up with a hold
3) Turning sit up
4) Oblique series: full, half, pulse
5) Pike
(Floor Series)
6) Hands to feet pass
7) Pulse up (ball between feet)
8) Double crunch
9) Side ball taps
10) Full sit ups
11) Center touches
Cool down: Stretch by laying on the ball and letting everything relax


  1. Stumble upon your site and it looks pretty cool. I'm definitely going to try out the ab workout you have posted for us. Looks challenging, yet do-able. Thanks for taking the time! All the way from Japan......Anna!

  2. Just Checking In…. Hope This Finds You In Wonderful Spirits…. Stay Strong

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