Monday, April 1, 2013

That First Spring Run

I wrote this short little poem about this past weekend's long run in Lyons, Colorado. It was the warmest day I have ran in for a long time and it felt amazing after a winter of bundling up and forcing myself to brace the cold. It's hard to describe the wonderful feeling of the year's first truly spring run but I gave it a shot.

That first spring run….

Winter can be harsh
Icicle eye lashes and frozen toes
Winter can be beautiful
The mountains look quite nice donned in white
But me- I’m currently in love with spring
That first spring run
Where the warm air touches my skin
The sun is blazing
Starting my runners’ tan
I see my first flower
It’s full of promise of more to come
I see my first butterfly
It’s telling me it's almost time to fly
Fly high into the mountains
Where my heart is most at home
That first spring run
It rejuvenates my soul
It lightens my heart
It fills my mind with hope
Summer- my heart belongs to you
But spring, I love you too

                                                               Photos by Sage Canaday

After the run I had a great time relaxing in this chair!
(Quite different from the previous weekend's runs: )

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