Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Run through Buena Vista (Beautiful View) in Pictures

After yesterday's long run I decided today was a good day for some easy miles and to bring my camera along. I started at my doorstep and weaved through town till I crossed the Arkansas River to do a small loop on the trails. For such a small town there is tons of unique and interesting sights to see. I only captured what I could during my run. It will definitely be a little bittersweet in two weeks when it will once again be time for me to move.

Enjoy the "buena vistas" from my run...

Love this wall painting! Sums up BV perfectly.

Can't wait till that sign says open again!
You can also see the only stoplight in town.

Sleeping Indian Mountain- Can you find her sleeping?
(Hint: Head on left, feet on right)

BV still has its own black smith

This place sits right on Main St.

Love the coffee here! The artwork inside switches every month with
a new local artist.

Now a bar with some cool concerts in the summer.

Every time I run by I wonder what this entrance used to lead to.

Boys & Girls Club- 8 days left of working there.

The school sign... always good for a joke!

This skate park is awesome but I'm pretty sure I would break something
if I tried to use it. 

Typical house in South Main

Not your normal playground.

Bikes like this are all over town in summer.

Outdoor living room complete with a checkers table.

Nice place for a drink in summer.

Arkansas River

Not the comfiest chair but looks neat.

How I access the trails when I run from my doorstep.

Midland Trail

From when BV was a mining down.

Another shot of the bridge that leads to the trails.

Old railroad still cuts right through town. A memory of the past.

Church outside my window.

Where I will soon be moving from.

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