Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beautiful Girl by Sandi Nypaver

Here it is: Beautiful Girl (revised and hopefully final copy)

Rachel Nypaver and her little sister
Please feel free to print out to give to the beautiful women in your life. Might make a perfect stocking stuffer.

This book is dedicated to….
The little girls who know they are beautiful, just because their loved ones tell them.
The little girls who have started comparing themselves to others and are doubting their own beauty…. You are absolutely gorgeous inside and out!
The beautiful women who have struggled with confidence, body issues, eating disorders, depression, etc. May you get to a place where you see beauty in your struggle and realize your mind is more beautiful because of it.
All the women who realize what the media portrays as beautiful is absolutely wrong. Together, it is time to create a force stronger than the media and show girls of
every age what real beauty is again.
My beautiful sisters Amanda and Rachel Nypaver, I love you with all my heart. Rachel, you will forever and always be my hero.

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