Monday, November 26, 2012

Women's Oppression- We help because these are our mothers, daughters, friends, and loved ones

"When I treat rape victims, I tell girls not to go to the police," Dr. Syed added. "Because if a girl goes to the police, the police will rape her."

Women’s Oppression Info Week:

Since learning about the living hell women go through every day throughout the world, I have become horrified, sad, and angered. I haven’t been sure of the best way to help, but I have to start doing something. So every...

day this week I will post stories, information, quotes, etc to raise awareness. Some things will be hard to read and deeply disturbing, but its important people become more educated on the subject.

Please, read the posts and share them with friends, family, repost them, etc.

Why? Because if you needed help, you’d hope someone would come help you.
What STRONG is: Mukhtar Mai

Mukhtar's younger brother was gang raped by a higher status clan. The higher clan covered up their crime by saying the boy raped a higher status girl. Mukhtar represented her famil...
y in court and tried to apologize for her brother (it was pointless to say the clan lied). The council concluded the apology wasn't enough and SENTENCED Mukhtar to be gang raped. They dragged her to a barn where four men raped her while a crowd waited outside. She then had to walk home almost naked, while preparing to do what any Pakistan girl was EXPECTED to do: kill herself. Suicide was deamed the only way a girl could cleanse herself and her family. Thankfully, Mukhtar's parents prevented that option. Over time Mukhtar's feelings changed from humiliation to rage. The rage turned into action. While Mukhtar fears for her life every day from government threats, check out this site to see what STRONG is:
I had trouble just writing some of this...

17 year old Dina walked home from work in a bean field. Five Hutu militia members surrounded her. All had guns and knives, and one carried a “stick”. They told her “If you cry out, we will kill you.” The 5 men raped her. Then they held her down and shoved the “stick” in her which broke into her bladder and rectum causing fistula. She was found half dead ...
and temporarily paralyzed. Thankfully, her family heard about HEAL Africa, a hospital that fixed her injuries and got her walking again.

Please realize this is something that happens daily in parts of the world. Eastern Congo is the rape capital of the world. Even a 3 year old girl was raped and then had a gun fired into her.


"When a girls' junior high school caught fire in 2002, the religious police allegedly forced teenage girls back in the burning building rather than allow them to escape without head coverings and long black cloaks. Fourteen girls were reportedly burned to death. " -From the book Half the Sky
(please realize that most stories don't end up with a fair ending)
How one woman inspired change:

“They say he (Akku Yadav) took one woman, Asha Bhagat, and tortured her in front of her daughter and several neighbors by cutting off her breasts. Then he sliced her into pieces on the street.” Akku constantly committed these barbaric acts against women and the police ra...
rely intervened except to accept cash bribes. Daughters were taken out of school to be kept inside their homes.
One day Usha (her family was higher educated so Akku stayed away) went to the police after Akku raped a 13 year old girl. Akku then went to Usha’s house with 40 thugs to threaten her. She refused to back down and turned on the gas in her house and got a match. As Akku threatened to break in, Usha threatened to blow everyone up. Akku and the thugs stepped back. The neighbors saw Usha fighting back and gained courage. They picked up sticks and stones and threw t them towards Akku and he turned himself in for protection.
A bail was scheduled and word spread that the police were going to release him as part of a bargain. Hundreds of women marched to court. When Akku saw some of the women he raped he mocked them and told them he would do it again. Hundreds of women then took turns stabbing him to death, right in court.


This video ROCKS!

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