Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Find Your Free 2014!

Everyone wants to feel free. We want both our minds and our bodies to feel free. We want the freedom to fly where no vehicles can go. That’s why we love nature. Running and other outdoor activities have the magical power to free our minds so we can dream big and believe in our capabilities in every aspect of our lives. Running gives us the freedom to go to places that are only reachable by foot, places so beautiful they take our breath away (sometimes also caused by the lack of air in the mountains). This design represents that freedom we get from running, so wear your shirt proudly and inspire others to find their free.
Both women's and men's shirts available in black and white.

100% of proceeds will go to charity. 25% will go to Girls on the Run to help young girls find their free, and 75% will go to Not For Sale ( to help free people from the chains of human trafficking.


  1. Hi Sandi
    i'm from france, i dont remember how i knew your blog, but i just wanted to say that it means so much to me and help me a lot. (your sister's too).
    i just like your way of life and all the choices you make the adives you give...
    i don't comment because my english is bad... but please dont stop blogging.
    you're such a good person and so inspiring.


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