Wednesday, January 15, 2014

How to: Plank Variation Exercises for Athletes and Beginners

My favorite part of my body to workout by far is my core. It's so important for running efficiently and being balanced. The fun part, however, is that there are so many exercises to work on your core. I could do a whole core workout standing, on a yoga ball, with a weight, on my back, or just doing planks like in the video. So many options to make things more fun! Anyway, the first core video is on planks because they are easy to do anywhere since you don't need anything but yourself, you can work on other body parts at the same time, and they're just so effective. If you like the video and want to see more core workouts leave a comment here or on the youtube page.


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  1. Great exercises, will try these out, thanks!

  2. Hi there.. I'm having a problem downloading the video. Could you please help me.


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