Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Beautiful Girl (hopefully a beautiful gift)

Hello Beautiful People! 

Some of you may remember one of my blogs from last year about a short book I made for women of all ages. At that time it was just something you could print out from home, but now it's an actual book! It has also been updated a little since the online version.

The book is called Beautiful Girl and it's simply meant to help women young and old realize and remember what real beauty is, despite the messages we get from the media. The pictures (provided by some awesome people) show true beautiful women of all ages from all over the world.

Hopefully, you are thinking it would make a great gift for the beautiful girls in your life!
(It would be a perfect stocking stuffer for Christmas!)
I'm taking orders now until Dec.1st. I'll then order all the books to be printed at once.
The cost is $10 plus $2.00 for shipping, so the total is $12.00. (If you are out of the country send me a message) As always 7% of proceeds go to charity (I'll give more if I can). To buy, go to Paypal and send the money using my email address: snypaver@yahoo.com. You can leave a message saying it's for the book but I should know by the money amount. PLEASE make sure you include your address so I know where to send the book. :)

Additional info: 
size: 8.25 by 6 inches
30 pages

Rachel (not me) and her little sis

If you feel like this book will send a good message, please consider sharing this post. THANK YOU!

Much love,

Very special thanks to Sage for help making this happen. :)


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