Sunday, June 2, 2013

The Hidden Valley Trail: Video and Simple Hydration Bottle

The (rightly named) Hidden Valley Trail:

            Sure, it's pretty sweet to see the arches at Arches National Park in Moab, Utah, but if your a trail runner there are definitely better trails to run on in Moab. There are plenty of trails in the area that aren't crowded with people and are longer than a few miles in distance. One trail is the Porcupine Trail, which you can see in pictures from my previous post, or there is the Hidden Valley Trail which is featured in the video below. It's rightly named Hidden Valley as you would never be able to see it unless you climb up the Moab Rim. The main part of the trail actually sits on a "broad shelf" between the Moab Rim and Spanish Valley. The climb up to the valley is a blast as it's pretty technical and you may even want to use your hands. The view speaks for itself.

Simple Hydration Bottle:

              A few people have already asked me about the bottle I had tucked into my shorts so I'll just give some quick info. The bottle is from my sponsor, Simple Hydration, and has gotten some great reviews like the one by Trail Run Magazine: . It was perfect for the run at Hidden Valley because the run wasn't super long but it was hot so I needed to take water and I wanted my hands free to help me climb some of the rocks. I've also used the bottle as a way to carry extra water on longer runs. To check the bottle out in more detail go to: . Make sure to enter the Promo Code: SANDI at checkout and you'll get a pretty sweet discount. 

Lastly, I really just want to say thanks to everyone who reads my blog. Not to be lame, but I feel honored that so many of you have followed my journeys or have read what I have to say. I hope in some way this blog adds something positive to your life, even if just for the few minutes you take to read it. Please let me know if there is anything else you would like to see on here.

Run Wild, Run Happy,



  1. What shoe are you using? Looks like NB and in some of the other videos looks like mt110 and mt1010 (v1 or v2). Curious as my wife needs a new pair. Great stuff that you and Sage put together by the way

    1. Hey Tom, the shoes I wore in the video are some old Asics that I honestly don't like that much because the tread isn't great. I just had to wear them because I put holes in my other shoes.
      I normally wear NB MT1010's and love them, although I just got my first pair of Scott shoes and (much to my surprise)like them.


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