Tuesday, November 8, 2016

The Time Between

I no longer feel that Mother Nature is laughing with joy like when I ran through her wildflowers in alpine meadows. The trees of gold have once again reminded me to stop and appreciate fleeting moments of beauty before it's too late.The crystals on jagged rock and a chilling breeze hint that this place will soon become a snow globe come to life. It's the time in between, when the mountains grow quite. Satisfied by what has passed, ready for what's to come, but perfectly content with their current state of being. For a brief time it's as if the mountains say "not only can we teach humility, but we can be humble too." Yet at this very moment, their beauty is no less mesmerizing or inspiring than at any other time. My heart still pounds with gratitude. My soul is still electrified with joy. My mind still realizes this type of beauty can only be experienced in the now, never to be captured and taken away. In these precious seconds, I too am perfectly content just breathing, just being.

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